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Thailand tax calculator 2024 (Download)

Download the free Thailand tax calculator and calculate your personal income tax accurately and with ease. No more dreading seeing your tax bill! Available for both Excel (Win, Mac) and Numbers (Mac).

The downloads are contained in a .zip file and are best downloaded on a computer rather than a mobile device. The Excel version suitable for both Windows and macOS, the Numbers only for macOS.

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This tax calculator is a simple spreadsheet for individuals with (self)employment income in Thailand.

As a simple, easy-to-use spreadsheet, this Thai personal income tax calculator is perfect for those working and earning ordinary income in Thailand, Thais and expats alike.

While it’s designed for individuals with a regular monthly income from employment (or self-employment), you can customise it to fit your specific financial needs. For example, to accommodate multiple income sources, your investments etc.

Easy to use

Insert your numbers, and the personal income tax will be calculated for you.


Designed for use in Thailand and up to date with the latest tax laws.


It can be customised to match your needs.

Why calculate your tax by yourself?

Since you are here, it shows that you are ready to take your personal tax matters into your hands, and I applaud you.

Whether you file your own return or let your employer do it for you, knowing how to calculate your income tax can pay dividends in many ways. For instance, it can help you:

  • Prevent ugly surprises during the next tax-filing season (you will have known your tax bill all along)
  • Uncover inaccuracies and payroll mistakes made by your HR
  • Avoid overpaying tax by anticipating your tax bill and knowing how much you need to contribute each month

This goes to show that spending a few minutes each month is worth it and can even save you money. Now let’s look at how to use the calculator for calculating your income tax.

How to use the Thai tax calculator

Calculating your personal income tax in the calculator is easy. Here’s how to use it.

In the spreadsheet, all fields that require your input have a grey background. On the other hand, all white fields do the calculations automatically and are best left alone (unless you want to change the formulas).

The fields you will have to fill in with your information are:

Gross income

Type in your monthly income before any deductions are taken.

Withholding tax

Tax applied to employment income and can amount to 5-35% of your monthly salary. The deducted amount goes directly to the government. It counts toward your yearly tax liability, meaning you contribute to your total tax bill each month.

Social security

It is an amount paid to the Social Security Fund and makes up 5% of monthly income but no more than 750 THB.

Expenses and savings (voluntary)

With monthly expenses filled in, you can get a clear picture of where your money goes and how much you were able to save.

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Deductions and allowances

These are trickier to tell and depend on your personal situation, for example, whether you are married and have kids or your income type. For completeness, you can find a list of all possible deductions and allowances in a previous post on reducing income tax.

Tax calculation

The last step – calculating your tax – happens automatically. At the bottom, you will see the total tax due and the amount your employer has withheld from you. These two numbers are then added up.

If the total is positive, you owe tax and will need to pay the remaining balance. In case of a negative result, you have overpaid. You can get your money back from the Revenue Department when filing your taxes – this is called a tax refund.

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How is personal income tax calculated in Thailand?

For example, if your taxable income after all deductions was 1,400,000 THB, your tax rate table would look as follows:

Taxable income (THB)Tax rateIncome in the bracketTax (THB)
0 to 150,000Exempt150,0000
150,001 to 300,0005%150,0007,500
300,001 to 500,00010%200,00020,000
500,001 to 750,00015%250,00037,500
750,001 to 1,000,00020%250,00050,000
1,000,001 to 2,000,00025%400,000100,000
Total tax250,000
Effective rate17.86%